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From one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, Speyside Whiskies are the embodiment of excellence in an imperfect world.

The fresh clean taste of Cock o' the North comes largely from the single malt whisky distilled at The Speyside distillery. As well as the liqueur itself, The Speyside Single Malt Whisky is also available from our online shop.

Speyside Distillery

A century ago the ancient highland town of Kingussie was dominated not by a castle, but by a distillery. Built with the imposing splendour of late Victorian enterprise, it came complete with railway sidings from whence the very finest malt whisky was transported to all points of the British Empire.

Today, the whisky is made on the tranquil and secluded banks of the River Tromie, in a way that would have been better recognised by the distillers of the pre-industrial age. The stills are among the smallest in Scotland, there are not even warehouses. Just ageless mountains keeping silent vigil.

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