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The Marquis of Huntly Cock o' the North Single Malt Scotch Whisky Liqueur is a new drink created by one of Scotland's most famous clans, the Gordons, whose Chief has been known for centuries as 'The Cock o' the North'. The present Chief, and Cock o' the North is the Marquis of Huntly (pictured right).

According to family legends, the Gordons used to make a drink based on whisky and blaeberry together with other special ingredients, to sustain them on long journeys, in battle and to welcome guests to their Highland homes.

Cock o' the North Single Malt Whisky Liqueur is the successor to this drink.

Cock o' the North is a mixture of Single Malt Whisky, Blaeberry and a special ingredient known only to The Marquis of Huntly and his son, The Earl of Aboyne.

The distillery is outside Kingussie on the upper reaches of the River Spey in the heart of Whisky Country. Using traditional methods it produces a Single Malt Whisky of exceptional quality which is then used as the main ingredient for the Liqueur.

The result is as sensuously delicious today as it was generations ago, whether drunk straight, as a hot toddy, or poured over ice.

The Marquis of Huntly also holds the titles of Lord Glenlivet and Lord Strathavon, named after the two famous glens in the heart of Speyside's famous whisky country, which used to be part of the Gordon Estates. This new drink continues the long tradition of Gordon involvement in Scotch whisky distilling.

As we say in Scotland:

"From the Tweed to the Tay, from Cape Wrath to the Forth, there's none can compare with the Cock o' the North!"

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